A Dachshund Day

IMG_0482Daddy had to take a quick trip down to South Carolina and he left me in charge.
Before he left, he told me he would miss me terribly.

IMG_0483On his way down, he stopped at the fabulously tacky tourist trap called “South of the Border”
He saw this guy.
He told me that this guy had nothing on me and that I am still his favorite dachshund ever!

Back in Action

IMG_0133Guess what friends???
IMG_0134I am using my dachshund stand again!!
I will always miss Tino, but I am finally ready to begin eating and drinking out of my stand again.
Mommy credits James and all of my Gussie’s World friends with getting all of Team Gussie through losing Tino.

We love you all!

Hard on the Joints

IMG_9789Our new place has lovely wood floors.

IMG_0072Mommy noticed I walk a little tender footed on them.
I try to spend most of my time in my bed or on the area rugs.

IMG_0073The bedrooms are carpeted so I can often be found in James’ room.
He gets good sun in there so it is nice for a nap!

IMG_0074Of course, if James is offering to share his snack, I don’t mind standing outside his playroom for a bit!

A Huge Oversight

IMG_9788If you saw my Facebook page yesterday, than you know that I had to BEG for a bite of Mommy and James’ dinner.
Well, come to find out, yesterday was NATIONAL SPOIL YOUR DOG DAY!!!!
I cannot believe Mommy missed this!

IMG_9789Obviously, she has to make it up to me.
I mean look at this face.
Who wouldn’t want to spoil me??

My New Routine

IMG_9654Hi friends!
I thought I’d share a little about how my days are going right now!
Daddy has been traveling A LOT since we moved so we haven’t found our routine yet.
Thankfully, our aunt lives close and came down to help Mommy get adjusted.

IMG_9655I spend most of my time helping supervise James in the playroom.
He is always into something!
When I am not doing that, I am helping Mommy clean by eating any crumbs that James leaves on the floor.

IMG_9653Mommy and I are usually exhausted by the end of the day.
We have been snuggling at night and watching the Olympics with our aunt.
I know once Daddy is done with this bit of travel we will get settled into a new routine again!