The Joy and Heartbreak of Rescue

Four neglected souls found their way to our door….For two, tragically, our help came too late. For two, there is still a chance. Will you help us help provide them the care they have so long been denied via¬†their¬†FundRazr¬†or via our website?

Read on for more of their heartbreaking story and conditions…..

There is no greater joy in rescue than when a neglected soul makes it way to our door while we can still help them, and there is no greater heartbreak than when they find us too late. We experienced both the soaring joy that rescue can bring along with the spirit shattering heartbreak x 2 with these four little ones who came to us from Homestead.

The story doesn’t add up…a man in Homestead had supposedly “found” these four and had been “looking for their owner” and “was going out of town and could no longer keep them”. They needed rescue and we brought them in.

They were transported north to Boca and Dr. Roof and the team at Pet Medical Center of Boca re-arranged their entire schedule to immediately provide them the medical care that they so desperately needed and it quickly became evident that rescue had come in time for two of them and for the other two, tragically, we were too late.

Agnes, a beautiful 10 year old girl, weighed only 7 lbs. She was diabetic and covered in mammary tumors. She was nothing but skin and bones, having visibly been starving for quite some time.

Our initial fear was that she was the victim of spreading cancer and then were releaved when x-rays showed her lungs were clear. That relief turned to heartbreak when the same x-rays showed a very enlarged heart.

She was transported again from Boca to Leader Animal Specialty Hospital and she saw the emergency vet and then had a consult with Dr Schroeder (cardiologist) and Dr Alvarez (internal medicine).

The treatment for long time untreated diabetes (hers was so bad that her body was literally eating itself to try to stay alive) is at least 24 hours of IV fluids to flush out kidneys etc.

The treatment for severe untreated heart disease is limit fluids so the heart doesn’t get too overworked.

All the doctors worked together to try to come up with something that would give her a chance, but even in oxygen she was laboring to breathe.

We had to choice but to let her go, and Pam held her and gave her as many kisses as she could fit in and gently let her go.

Seymour was a 10 ish year old boy who was quadriplegic. No deep pain in the front and limited ability to feel in the back legs. We had no idea how long he had been that way, which made the fact that he was a “stray” seem that much more unlikely.

X-rays showed a severely crooked and compressed disk in his neck. He also had a deformity to his rib cage that we don’t know if it was injury or if he was born that way. Unfortunately, the X-rays also showed that his heart was enormous and he had bladder stones. With such severe heart disease he was not a candidate for surgery and that was no way to live. Bloodwork also showed some abnormalities.

With her heart shattering again, Pam wrapped him up and held him for almost an hour and told him how beautiful he was and what a good boy he was and let him go.

In just the span of a few short hours, we had lost two little ones, that had we only found them sooner, we maybe could have saved. Our hearts were broken, but we had two more that needed us and we can help…

Ethel is an 8 year old female, petite at only 7.5 lbs with a mouth full of rotten teeth and mammary tumors that need to be removed.

Her blood work is far from perfect, but no immediately life threatening concerns. She is the only one of the 4 without a significant heart issue.

And lastly is sweet Harold. He is about the same age as the others, also small and helpless at 7 lbs. Also with a mouth full of rotten teeth and a growth of his foot that needs to be removed. His blood work is like Ethel’s….not perfect, but workable, but with a significant heart murmur and cataracts in his eyes. Despite all he has been through, he is the sweetest of boys and we hope that we can provide both him and Ethel with the love, safety and comfort they have been lacking for so long.

Along with the tragedy of losing Agnes and Seymour, we still incurred costs trying to save them, and both Ethel and Harold have significant expenses ahead to get them to as good a place as we can medically.

Our DRSF family has given us to much in the last week, and we are humbly back again to ask your support for our wounded war-chest for what we could do to try and help Agnes and Seymour, and to provide the care that Ethel and Harold need.

As always, we welcome your support in a donation of any size, and even $1 gets us closer to our goal. Even if you are not able to donate, we still invite you to leave a message of love and support as your comment alone helps to get their story into more people’s feeds.

We cannot make happy endings without you, and you have been there for Hershey, Lyric, Romo, and Teagan in just this week alone, and we are holding our breath, that Agnes, Seymour, Ethel and Harold will have the opportunity to have the same kind of support.

Our hearts break that we did not get to Agnes and Seymour in time, and we hope with all our hearts that they knew love as they crossed. They will forever be remembered as part of our DRSF family and even though we could not provide them the love they deserved, we can only hope but believe that all has been made right on the other side of the bridge and they were greeted by all those we have loved who have gone before.

Run free little ones, forever to be remembered, and from all of us at DRSF, we so humbly ask your support to cover all their care. Thank you…..