Monthly Archives: September 2013

Adding insults to injury.

I started my diet this weekend. I eat 1/3 less than before and now I eat chicken as opposed to the delicious lamb I am used to. Tino had a dietary change as well. He was given a whole can of wet food that smelled heavenly. Of course he wasted no time making me jealous.
Just look at that smug face.

Nurse Gussie!

Mommy was sick today. Of course I stepped up and took care of her so now I am wiped! I always sit nearby for comfort and lick toes as needed when Mommy or Daddy are sick. Tino offered his heating pad services, but it was really me who got her back to health!

Visit to the vet.

I went to the vet today. Dr. Gessner is out of town so I saw a different doctor. 
He didn’t lavish me with compliments and kisses like Dr. Gessner does. He was also quick to point out those pesky extra pounds I am carrying around. I let him know what I thought about him by leaving a steaming fatty in the lobby. That was also to embarrass Mommy for throwing me under the bus and telling him about my lack of interest in exercise.