My brother, Tino.

The grey cat is my older brother, Tino. He is very old and very wise. He also eats delicious food that I love but am not allowed to have.

3 thoughts on “My brother, Tino.

  1. I am not a cat expert but to me it’s amazing that Tino in many pictures was a 10+ y.o. cat and look like an adult cat but not at all 10 y.o.

    He was very much loved, taken care of and clearly was a happy furry dude <3

    Thank you for being such great ooman for Tino mama! It's nice to see old posts of Tino with Gussie as I have found you less than a year ago 😉

    1. Thanks 🙂 He really looked great up until about 4 months ago. We have been very blessed with amazing vets that provided him and still provide Gussie with the best care!

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