It’s a Tino Q & A!!

Hi friends!
After I posted my Q&A, we received some questions about my brother, Tino the cat.
So I decided we should get some of them answered!
1. Where did you get Tino and how old is he?
Tino was found in a junkyard when he was just a few weeks old. He was brought to Mommy when she was just 16 years old! He was a tiny little thing and everyone fell in love with him immediately! He has lived with Mommy through her high school and college years and now married life.
Mommy says that Daddy got a “buy one get one free deal” with her and Tino!
Tino is now 15 and will be 16 in January.  
2. What happened to Tino’s ear?
Several years ago, Tino got a little overzealous scratching his ear and
 caused a hematoma to develop.We brought him to the vet to have it checked out and the vet told us that he wasn’t in danger or pain from it. We were told it could be surgically repaired but it would be a purely cosmetic procedure. We decided that since it would only be to make it look better, it wasn’t worth putting him through the discomfort of a surgery.
Tino with his shriveled up ear!
3. Is Tino overweight?
Currently, Tino’s vet is pleased with his weight. However, he has been VERY overweight before. He looks a lot bigger than he really is because he has some “saggy skin” from his chubby days.
We have dealt with thyroid problems with Tino and that has been a big factor with his weight struggles. In 2011, he had one thryoid removed and is currently on medication to control his remaining thyroid.
Tino in his plus size days about 10 years ago.
4. What does Tino eat?
In addition to Tino’s thyroid issue, he has had urinary tract issues his entire life. He has been hospitalized for this many times. We finally have it under control by him eating a strict diet of Science Diet Prescription Diet C/D cereal and wet formula. He cannot have any other food or treats outside of the occasional steamed vegetable. He has not had any urinary issues for about 4 years since he has been on this diet.
Tino begins waiting for his food about half an hour before it drops.
5. How is Tino doing with his vision loss?
Tino is adjusting very well. We have lived in this small condo for awhile so he is very familiar with it. We have been careful to not rearrange anything or cause any disruption to the layout that Tino is familiar with. Gussie helps out a lot with him. Tino often follows Gussie to the water bowl that they share. Of course, they love to snuggle and play together.
 Best friends!
We hope you all enjoyed a peek into Tino’s world!!

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