Catching up With Gussie!

 My blog and Facebook page have been pretty quiet this past week and half!

I sure did miss keeping up with all of my friends!

There has been lots of traveling going on and we have a jam packed summer planned as well!
As usual, I have been called in to coordinate all the driving and flights.
Things are calm again for a little bit but my grandparents and cousin are coming to visit me next week.
Of course, I have to do all the preparations for them!

6 thoughts on “Catching up With Gussie!

  1. There you are Gussie! We know how much of a help you are to Mommy and Daddy. Just pop in and say hi while you are getting extra spoiled by your company 😊❤

  2. Gussie, I wish I had a house manager of your caliber. My Meadow is very helpful but not a professional like you. Recommendations for higher education opportunities for my chidachsie, Meadow?

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