National Specially-abled Pets Day!

  Today is National Specially-abled Pets Day!
This is a day where we celebrate all pets who are disabled.
As you all know, dachshunds are prone to back injury and sometimes end up in wheel chairs.
Even in a wheel chair, they have soo much love to give!
Please consider adding a specially-abled pet to your family!

Here is some more information on IVDD.
Here is the link to Dachshund Rescue South Florida where you can learn more about dachshunds looking for a home!

2 thoughts on “National Specially-abled Pets Day!

  1. Yes, Gussie. Thanks for reminding us. Over the years, we have had some pups with problems, too. We try to support rescues and encourage adoptions.
    Wish we could do more.

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