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The Laziest Dog in the Park

Sunday morning we loaded up in the car to go to the dog park.
The weather was much cooler than usual!
I was just not feeling it though.
I stayed on the concrete for almost the whole time.
When Daddy lured me into the grass, I just rolled onto my side!
I was just having a lazy day!

Moe Likes Disney Tunes!

Gussie’s World got the opportunity to drive for the 
This time we brought Moe from a local vet to a wonderful foster family in the area.
Sweet little Moe had just been neutered and was pretty worked up!
Once he heard some Disney songs he calmed right down.
Mary Poppins and Frozen were his favorites!
For more info on adopting a DRSF dog check out their website here.
We loving helping out with the Daxi Taxi!!