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wpid-img_2846.jpgOne of the most often asked questions about Gussie is which dog shampoo we use to keep him smelling his best.

We use Pharmaseb. Pharmaseb has a bacterial inhibitor in its formula that keeps yeast from growing on his skin for several weeks after a bath. We were turned onto the product by our local veterinarian (Dr. G, thanks so much!!), she recommended it because we noticed a large amount of yeast growing on Gussie’s feet and belly that we needed something a little stronger than what we were able to get at our local pet supply stores.

Pharmaseb is relatively straight-forward to use…but there are two differences: one is that you will end up using a lot less since a little bit goes a very long way. The other difference from regular dog shampoo is that you MUST let the suds sit on the skin and coat for at least 10 minutes…15 minutes is optimal. You also need to plug the drain for the 10 to 15 minutes and allow that soapy water to soak into the feet. If your dog is anything like Gussie, they will moan and cry the whole time while giving you the most pathetic look on the planet. The worst part comes when you rinse your dog…you have to use cold water. It is the only way to really set the medicine in the shampoo to the coat and skin.  Make sure that after they are rinsed that you have warm towels available and really reassure your dog that it is all over.

pharmasebPharmaseb is only available from veterinary doctors offices, or with a proper prescription. It is a little bit more expensive than regular pet shampoo, but it the lasting effects and benefits of the shampoo are definitely worth the price. After a bath, Gussie will still smell good for a couple of weeks, and his belly and paws will be yeast-free for almost a month.

This post is not sponsored, it is an objective review of a product.

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