Harness & Leash

Kong Harness & Leash
Purchase Date: Early February 2014
This harness has been incredible. As we all know about Dachshunds, they have the “chest bulge” that can wreak havoc on standard harnesses. The Kong harness has a chest pad that sits at just the right level to be comfortable. The buckles and fittings for the entire harness are all metal, so they are going to last a lifetime. The leash has also been great. It is six feet long and has a neoprene padded wrist strap. It also has a shock reducing stretch of elastic near the end of the leash that cuts down on the tugging while walking. Gussie likes it because it gives him the notice that he is reaching the end of the leashes length.

Overall we like it a lot and highly recommend this model.


This is NOT a sponsored post.
This is an honest, independent review.

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